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My name is Maribel Arredondo, I am originally from the city of Monterrey NL Mexico, eleven years ago I moved to Colorado where I left my life as a dentist to seek a new beginning. During this time I worked hard to build a life for myself and my family, while taking care of my three young children, building my own business and learning to improve my English.

Three years ago Curious Paper de Mamibel was born where I seek to promote Mexican culture through popular art such as Piñatas.

I make artistic piñatas for people who like to give their celebrations a different touch. I also give cultural workshops on art and on how to make handmade and artistic piñatas for those who want to give a different touch to their celebrations

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On Saturday, my 8-year-old son and I attended a piñata making class. I wanted to reach out and share with you how wonderful this class was! Maribel is amazing. We loved learning about the history of piñatas, of Day of the Dead, and were really inspired by her paper art on display in the library. We have attended several fall art programs at other venues over the years and this one was my favorite of all. My son was so excited during the class, he could barely contain his excitement. Having family events like this was a great bonding experience. Thank you also for making us feel COVID safe




It is my privilege to recommend Maribel Arredondo and her entrepreneurship Curious Paper. I have worked with Maribel in a variety of projects and programs over the last three years, and in every one of them, she has shown extraordinary professionalism, a growth mindset, and a true commitment to her art and to our patrons.
I first met Maribel when she was recommended to teach a piñata workshop at our libraries for Summer Reading, after the second day, we could not fit more people in the room! Since then, we have been booking her services for a variety of workshops, and every time she surpasses our expectations and delivers wonderful experiences for our bilingual community.
I have witnessed her commitment to the success of her business and personal growth as an artist and businesswoman. Her ability to respond to our organizational needs is one of the many reasons why her collaboration with the library has thrived as she offers a variety of successful programs to promote cultural awareness.
Please let me know if I can provide more information to demonstrate Maribel’s professional commitment and value to our community. I will be happy to contribute to her professional advancement.

Paola Vilaxa

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Services Provided

Custom Design

I custom hand-make the paper art per request, and I want to make sure you come away with exactly what you want from my collection. Find out more about how this service can help connect and promote the Mexican culture throughout Folk art, piñatas, and much more.

Pickup & Delivery

I offer pick up and delivery


· Piñata workshop
· Alebrijes workshop
· Papelpicado workshops
· God’s eyes workshop
· Artisan Piñatas different sizes


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