The love of the arts of my country, Mexico, and the need to find employment were the major forces that drove me to start my own business. Approximately three years ago, my business was born to promote the popular arts of Mexico, such as piñatas, alebrijes, papier-mâché, and much more. I teach cultural workshops on art and on making elaborate artisanal and artistic piñatas to those who want to add a different feel to their celebrations


Eleven years ago, I moved to Colorado from Monterrey, Mexico where I left behind my life as a dentist to pursue a new beginning. After arriving in Colorado, I worked hard to carve out a life my myself and my family. In between caring for my three young children, I built my own business and learned to improve my English. “It is difficult to start again.” When you arrive somewhere, you want to grow and be better and learn. I’ve had to find something to support my family, but I also needed to make something for myself

Three years ago, the “something” took the shape of a piñata. Today, I create and market these vibrant and colorful 3D shapes.